District 66 Toastmasters

Who are we?

Toastmasters International is a world leader in communication and leadership development. Our membership is 292,000 strong. These members improve their speaking and leadership skills by attending one of the 14,350 clubs in 122 countries that make up our global network of meeting locations.

On an eventful day in January 1948, someone started a plantation by planting a TOASTMASTERS seed and the Lynchburg Club No. 562 was chartered. The seeds spread and in April 1948, the Cavalier Club No. 596 was founded. This was followed by Norfolk No. 686 in February 1949, Portsmouth No. 771 in February 1950 and Roanoke No. 1011 in February 1952.

These five clubs are the oldest, active clubs in District 66. They are a part of the original twenty-eight clubs that initially formed District 66. Clubs still active from that original group include Tidewater, West End, Merrimac, Virginia Beach and Bellwood.

On July 1, 1961, Toastmasters International issued a provisional district status for District 66, Jack Tallent of Norfolk was elected to serve as the first District Governor. Before the creation of District 66, all of our clubs were a part of District 36, the Capital District, in and around Washington, D.C. The boundaries were established, with a line just south of Fredericksburg, VA our northern-most and the North Carolina border our southern-most. This is why District 66 is called the greater part of Virginia.

Since 1961, thousands of women and men have developed better listening, better thinking and better speaking skills. From our original 28 clubs we have grown to 121 clubs with many more opportunities available to us. Through proper planning and exhaustive efforts by many. District 66 has continued to provide opportunities for women and men to achieve the goals each has set. We commend those who have served over these 39 years (at all levels of district service) for a job well done in making our growth possible.

Toastmasters Promise

District Map

District 66 consists on the greater part of Virginia, to include Hampton Roads, Richmond and the Shenandoah Valley.

The District is divided into five divisions (A, B, C, D, and E). Each Division is consists of an approximate number of clubs grouped geographically.

Map of District (Part of the Unofficial Toastmasters District Map Project)

Distinguished History

* - Deceased

Presidential Visits

2015 (Fall) Lark Doley, DTM
2010 Gary Schmidt, DTM
2004 (Fall) Jon Greiner, DTM
1998 (Spring) Len Jury, DTM
1993 (Spring) Neil Wilkinson, DTM
1988 (Fall) John Fauvell
1981 (Spring) Pat Panfile

Presidential Citations

2005: PID J Andre' Brooks, DTM
2000: PDG Gale R. Kidd, DTM
1999: PID Grace Brown, DTM
1998: PID Frank Brown, DTM
1997: PID Larry Prickett, DTM
1992: PDG Paul Jacobi, DTM*

International President

1973-1974 Dave Corey, DTM

Regional Advisors

2015-2016 Al Tuten, DTM
2013-2015 Sal Asad, DTM

International Directors

2008-2010 Sal Asad, DTM
2007-2009 Will Snader, DTM *
2003-2005 Pat Jordan, DTM
2001-2003 Frank Connelly, DTM
1998-2000 J Andre' Brooks, DTM
1996-1998 Grace E Brown, DTM
1993-1995 Frank C Brown, DTM
1990-1992 Larry J Prickett, DTM
1966-1968 Dave Corey, DTM

International Speech Finalist

Elliot Eddie, 2016, Washington DC, Finalist
Virgil Thornton, 2015, Las Vegas, NV, 3rd Place Semi-finals
Elliot Eddie, 2013, Cleveland, OH, 3rd Place Semi-finals
Frank Morris, ATMG, 1996 St. Louis, MO, 3rd Place

Past District Directors

(1) President's Distinguished (2) Select Distinguished (3) Distinguished

2015-2016 Regie Ford, DTM (3)

Past District Governors

2014-2015 Mary White, DTM
2013-2014 Andrea Morgan, DTM
2012-2013 Pete Moyer, DTM
2011-2012 Al Tuten, DTM
2010-2011 Jerry Keast, DTM
2009-2010 John Harman, DTM
2008-2009 Chris Al-Amin, DTM (3)
2007-2008 Alice Blake, DTM (3)
2006-2007 Theresa L. Butler, DTM
2005-2006 Sal Asad, DTM (2)
2004-2005 Will Snader, DTM (3) *
2003-2004 Janet Geisler, DTM (3)
2002-2003 Marlon Haskell, DTM (3)
2001-2002 Pat Jordan, DTM (2)
2000-2001 Mary Jeannette Fraser, ATM (3)
1999-2000 Charlie Smith, ATM (1)
1998-1999 Frank Gulla, DTM
1997-1998 Frank Connelly, DTM (3)
1996-1997 Kathy Nash, DTM
1995-1996 Gale Kidd, DTM (3)
1994-1995 Greg McCaulley, DTM (3)
1993-1994 J Andree' Brooks, DTM (3)
1992-1993 Martha Rollins, DTM (2)
1991-1992 Grace E. Brown, DTM (3)
1990-1991 Robert Miserentino, DTM (3)
1989-1990 Helen K Fooshe, DTM (3)*
1988-1989 Myron L Huggins, ATM (3)
1987-1988 James Crowe, DTM (3)
1986-1987 Harold Shepard, DTM
1985-1986 Eugene Periman, DTM (3)
1984-1985 Jim Roberts, DTM (3) *
1983-1984 Larry J Prickett, DTM (3)
1982-1983 William Fink, DTM*
1981-1982 Suzanne Fountain, ATM (3)
1980-1981 Paul Jacobi, DTM (3) *
1979-1980 J Doug Roberts, ATM *
1978-1979 J Fred Powell, DTM
1977-1978 Earl Reitelback
1976-1977 Bill Lewis DTM(3)
1975-1977 Dick Byrne, ATM
1974-1975 Darrell Rollison
1973-1974 Rex Tillotson
1972-1973 Tom F Waters, ATM
1971-1972 Carlton Burley, DTM
1970-1971 Morgan C Martin, ATM *
1969-1970 John Downey, ATM *
1968-1969 Marion Lillienthal *
1967-1968 Cecil McMahon
1966-1967 Floyd Loquet
1965-1966 Joe Hunnicutt
1964-1965 Bill Boone
1963-1964 Bob Scherrer
1962-1963 Dick Strickler
1961-1962 Jack Tallent *

Leadership Award Recipients

1993 Robert Miserentino, DTM
1992 Frank C Brown, DTM
1990 Myron J Huggins, ATM
1989 Larry J Prickett

Region VIII Exemplary Service Award

1992 Frank C Brown, DTM

Top Ten Bulletin Award

1994-1995 Grace Brown DTM, Editor, RaNetta Mitchum ATM, Asst Editor
1996-1997 Grace Brown DTM, Editor, RaNetta Mitchum ATM, Asst Editor
1997-1998 Grace Brown DTM, Editor, RaNetta Mitchum ATM, Asst Editor